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Gandhi and Gilani reunite for a partnership of a lifetime

From mentoring the leaders of tomorrow to standing by their side as they go on to conquer the world, is a feeling to be nurtured in all aspects. Amit Gandhi joining Bharat Metro Digital services as its COO is one such feat that has made Malik Gilani nurture this overwhelming experience.

Having worked under Amit Gandhi’s guidance for years in his company, Malik Gilani is all set to welcome him aboard as a partner in his firm. Expressing his joy at this confederation, Malik says, “I have learned the knick-knacks of working in the corporate world from Amit himself, and now partnering with him to make Bharat Metro Digital Services touch the horizons is a presentiment that is undoubtedly going to be fostered forever”

Founded by Malik Gilani in November 2020, Bharat Metro Digital Services shares the vision to make India a digital nation. They understand the need of digital marketing for brand image enhancement and strive to expertise in content and advertising to ensure customer acquisitions, becoming a worthwhile journey for media spending brands and telecom partners across the world. With Amit Gandhi joining in on this vision, his efforts would add to increasing the revenue while putting a major focus on getting renowned brands on board.

Gandhi and Gilani have known each other for more than thirteen years. Having started their careers almost together, they both know each other the best contributing to the commendable levels of compatibility they show. Knowing each other's expertise well, they are ready to bring it all to the table for Bharat Metro Digital Services.

Amit Gandhi states his excitement as he steps into partnership with Malik. He says, “I am genuinely looking forward to working with Malik. Seeing him grow as this successful entrepreneur makes me proud of the fact that somewhere I have had my fair share of contribution in this.”

Malik has carved his niche in the realm of content and he undoubtedly has a command over his expertise. Likewise, Amit has a strong hand in brand building, brand performance and branding overall. The amalgamation of both these commendable businessmen will certainly prove to be a boon to the firm. The company has already raised funds  from a  Mumbai based shoe manufacturer to develop their in-house programmatic platform and generate customer base for their in-house developed Application 'WHATSHAPP news'

The confidence that these two businessmen radiate for their partnership is worth witnessing. It is for certain that with proper strategies and framework, Bharat Metro Digital Services will flourish under these big guns.

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