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Gaurav Dixit- A YouTuber who is setting goals for the aspiring youth with his creative videos

It is said that “Technology is a good servant but a bad master.” It takes a vision to understand this saying. The Internet can be a boon as well as a curse, depends on the usage of the same. YouTube is a website where people can share videos and generate subscribers for the same. They can not only share, but they can also upload, view, comment, rate, and many more other features enhance this website. Having said that, being a digital marketer would be like a cherry on the cake for an aspiring YouTuber.

Gaurav Dixit, a young aspiring YouTuber and a digital marketer, also famous as the owner of the YouTube channel VIRAL DUNIA.  It feels incredible when the people at a very young age, accomplish the sense of goals and aims they need to pursue.

Being born and brought up in a very small place called Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh, Gaurav has been an inspiration to a lot of youth in the country. The thing to be most acknowledged in the case of Gaurav is that the scarcity of resources did not lead him to become a quitter but instead,

Gaurav became more determined and leaned how to make the most of the situation he is in.

Being a digital marketer, his access to the knowledge about the internet and the marketing schemes and strategies on the internet have become diverse and refined. His own channel on YouTube is gaining subscribers at a very high rate. It’s become facile for Gaurav to maintain his YouTube channel because of his achievements in the field of digital marketing.

Having said that, it is extremely important to mention that Gaurav understands and interprets the tastes and demands of his audience, which is needless to say, is quite heterogeneous.

Gaurav's aim is to become one of those YouTubers' who would be known for his creativity and his talented outlook. His videos are unique and attractive at the same time. The name of his channel in itself describes his perception and his passion. His viewers must crave for more new videos each time they visit his channel. There are a million things happening across the globe today but not everything is being posted or viewed or uploaded by anybody at all. Gaurav wants the people to witness such incidents and give their insight regarding the same.

Gaurav Dixit's passionate love towards his profession is admirable and impressive. His efforts are to be applauded for sure. To become a digital marketer it takes education and resources, which were very limited as per his needs. He staggered initially but made it a rule that he would not give up no matter what. He created a YouTube channel because he wanted recognition in the world. This is also a source of income for him but most importantly, it is one platform, that will give his name and fame. Being on this journey of success, he hasn’t forgotten to be humble and sincere towards his profession.

It is inevitable for a YouTuber to be constantly updated about his channel and the number of views on his videos or the number of subscribers to his channel. In addition to this, Gaurav would have to have a conversation with his audience and learn about their demands. He has been striving hard day and night to promote his channel and to give the best contact he can to his followers. His social media is also a platform where he promotes his channel. Gaurav has diligently given his time and sweat for this profession and he believes that sooner or later, it will bear fruits.

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