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Gaurav Tingre: Young and Dynamic Businessman

An extravagant car collection, extensive knowledge of car brands and models, and meticulous car care all demonstrate that you are a car enthusiast. Entrepreneur Gaurav Tingre is one such car enthusiast. This young and dynamic businessman from Pune is an avid car enthusiast with boundless knowledge and a passion for automobiles.

Gaurav is a Ceramic Pro Pune associate. He also founded the Pune Supercar Club and is a member of the Indian Supercar Community. His degree in Hospitality Management also helps him in business. He likes to collect rare sneakers and scale models.

He has also followed his inner desire to use social media platforms to reach millions of people worldwide. Gaurav uses his Instagram handle to share many stories, highlights, and captions to spread more love, cheer, and happiness, as well as sharing his knowledge and insights on cars and other valuable details about the industry, as well as motivating and boosting positivity among the audience.

Gaurav, the entrepreneur, is not bound by any industry. He has long been a car enthusiast. Over the years, he has spent countless hours learning new things about his interests, spotting trends, and turning that knowledge into a business. He has remained competitive in a variety of industries, emerging as an influencer and trendsetter.




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