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Get Ready to Run Again as season 2 of ‘Lucknow Health Run’ is getting prepared!!!

‘Lucknow Health Run’ an initiative by Innovation Welfare Society, organized by HBN events Pvt Ltd is preparing itself to launch its Season 2 which we thought have lost due to the impacts of the Pandemic. In Season One we saw more than 1500 runners took part in the run, to boost up their running skills. More than 3000 people came to support them in their Victory.

Covid’19 Pandemic did not just take millions of lives worldwide, it tested human beings will power. People around the globe have started living with a fear, a fear which impacted the psychology of wellbeing. It surged people so deeply that people have forgotten to smile, have forgotten to look ahead. Staying connected to social meets lost in the winds of global lockdowns. When streets to towns, Districts to states, Countries to Continents closed their Gates for entry, hopes were kept seating in the balconies for months. Individuals to large scale Communities, Doctors to top Medical associations, Governments to world Leaders, had no answers, everything took a pause. So do Season 2 of ‘Lucknow Health Run’ which was initially getting planned for September 2020.

As many marathons took virtual platforms, Organizer MohdBadar of ‘Lucknow Health Run’ believes running is a physical exercise and should be done with partners and communities to boost up the morale of health and spread positivity in the society. Moreover, the vision of ‘Lucknow Health Run’ was always beyond the normal marathons. Founder of Innovation welfare society MohdBadar aims to symbolize a core cause to transform society with better health and happiness. 

This time the ‘City of Nawabs’ will witness the power of true sportsmanship at its peak as the core committee members of HBN Events Pvt Ltd. prepares themselves to take the run to the next level. Season 2 will project the biggest victory of mankind over its greatest enemy so far. Innovation Welfare Society’s Secretary MohdBadar eyes to fill the gaps of togetherness which seems to get lost in the course of the pandemic. With a motto of ‘Run over the victory’, it will bring back the lost happiness says the Director of HBN events Pvt. Ltd. ‘Lucknow health Run’ requests everyone to join hands to show supremacy, to reflect unity, and above all to show a belief which we kept throughout.

Come!! Let’s Run together as it’s season 2 of ‘Lucknow Health Run’.

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