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Today Gioconda Vessichelli is sharing with us for the first time ever her lifestyle even if she doesn’t like much to unveil her private life that she defines a “balanced chaos”..when we asked her which are her other interests beside music she  says : “Adventurous travels, actress,writer..these are my additional interests beside music..being an adventurer has to lead me to travel all the countries of the world and to interact with primitive people also in unconventional way which is the most inspiring one (because I hate boring conventional things) and my brain has become so fast and open-minded that now I can speak 7 languages ! As per actress I ve learned in the academy of arts which prepared me not only from a music point of view but also as an actress as a music composer and as a classical western dancer. On the opera stage, we singers should also dance and act so we are trained as 360 degrees artists. As per adventurer and travelers I 've always been an adventurous person! since my early age I have loved to do unconventional things and a little bit risky things..like a parachute, bungee jumping etc..

I have also done bungee jumping recently In india..it has been an amazing experience! As per writer, I will release one day all my poetry and the book about my life always full of adrenaline and happy! .. I m so enthusiastically in this period cause  I am  Ambassador of Opera style in India... I don t think a real artist should ever be inhibited in anything otherwise it's not pure art..and me, in my life I have never been inhibited, my motto is MAKE WHATEVER YOU LOVE AND YOU BELIEVE IN WITH ALL YOUR ENERGIES ..NEVER BE SCARED! 

I will just give an example...I was a child of 14 years old and my colleagues were 40 years old, so they treated me like parents cause i spent much more time with them rather than with my real family (to prepare an opera show you have to live in the theatre at least 30 days for each production, and most of the shows take place during Christmas time so it has happened that I haven t spent Christmas festivities with my family sometimes even for 10 years because I was abroad for work) so my colleagues who were much older than me used to take care of me because for them was very unusual to see a small child body with a big adult opera voice inside it..so they used to call me " little diamond" so I feel the whole world to be my house .. As for my Birth, my mother used to say that I was born not crying but singing! :-) The passion for music was born with me. I have spent almost all my childhood on a piano and practicing singing... it's very difficult to become an opera singer..not anyone can become it..you must yes have the gift of voice from God but also you have to learn the technique for not losing your voice and for reach very high or very low notes and to increase the power of your voice.. you have to study a lot the technique of using diagrammatic muscles and the bones of your faces to gain the best resonances in your voice because in opera shows we don't even use microphones because opera voice is very strong..one time happened to me to break a glass with my voice..but special physical situation must occur... THAT ‘ S my LIFESTYLE!. In an opera singer s life you must sleep at least 8 hours per night, you do not have to drink alcohol or to smoke, avoid acid foods, you have to practice every day until 90 years old ..you never finish to learn and your vocal chords a muscles must be worked out every day with constant and patience. .so its a continuous discover of sounds and u start to feel all the resonances of your body once you reach a very high level of skills..me for examples I m very happy because I have reached four octaves of extensions in my voice that very few people in the world of opera singing have achieved.

it s like the life of an athlet..you have to do vocalize in the morning after you wake up you have to warm up your voice with some vocalizes and some muscles and breathing exercises.. it's very important! only after that you can go to the piano and start singing your songs..which actually in opera style are called "arias". there are some virtuosisitic songs in which you have to sing very fast even 50 notes very fast in just one breath and with lyrics and you have to be careful to not let your tongue to get disconnected..for achieving this virtue you have to first start in a very slow way and little by little increase velocity. .till you see as a light in your voice..It s such a fascinating mood that even if during my childhood I lost all the moments of life that normally a child does( like playing with dolls or going out with friends) I don t regret. I m always like a little child who is discovering new music sounds, cause I m always a researcher, I am discovering a new world, learning a new language and all these things make me so happy.

I ve Always done the thing that my heart and my voice suggested to me and on this base, I have built my creativeness and just when you are happy and in peace with yourself the most beautiful things come out and you are able to let me also the audience enjoy. So I will continue in this path and I m already selecting among all the proposals that I have received the one which is sounding better in my soul..so stay tuned..I will surprise you soon with a great new striking effect !..maybe not only as a singer but I ll explore also my other artistic skills!

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