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Gold Media Entertainment, behind the digital success of many Celebrities and Movies

What exactly will you do if you get a chance to be famous.? Being happy is what one would answer. But when asked, how would you feel making someone else see “their success” because of “you” then the answer is “satisfied”. This is what the 4 motivated founders of a name “Gold Media Entertainment” felt and desired for. Arshdeep Singh, Deep Grewal, Swapan Monga and Anmol Monga, the leading hands of the Gold Media Entertainment, started building a platform which provided others with the same. They knew, that an artist is born long before the world gets to know them, so why not take an initiative to showcase all. To make people know what and how a struggling journey began. 

Just a thought and things change so much. What would exactly be the success rate when an artist got what they deserved from their very start of the career. This is where the conversation started with Anmol Monga, one among the 4. He said, “none struggle stories should lie behind the curtains of escape. This thought was enough to lead our way towards what we desired. From unveiling the unknown to handling their social accounts, the company started getting hands more and wider. It started providing support to the faces which the world needed to know. From Guru Randhawa to Nimrat Khaira, from Garry Sandhu to Mika Singh, the slow start started getting its pace and sooner we reached out to 100s of artists in North India.”

Slow but for sure, the voices of these aspirers reached out to people and the appreciation, it was amazing. The platform which started on such a small scale now started being approached by many artists, music albums, companies like Sony Music, Eros, etc. 

The promotional activities, the hard work, all of it together started showing out the success which brought change after change, not just in the life of one who approached but also for the company which now started being approached by films. This was another opportunity which was meant to be grabbed and Deep Grewal stepped up together with others to grab the same. soon, the company began to be a digital partner for some of the best movies out there like- Carry On Jatta 2, Mar Gaye Oye Loko, Afsar, Aate Di Chidi, Vadhaiyan Ji Vadhaiyan, Ardaas Karaan, Subedar Joginder Singh, etc. 

But don’t you think with such a great level there is a difference in opinions or different working styles.? Well, of course, it does exist but the people who know how to value others and their words are the ones who succeed in life. 

Deep says, “we might be 4 heads, 8 arms and 8 legs but there is something which people don’t see within us and our bond. There is respect, there is value, there exists love, care and concern and no matter how much of differences we might carry, at the end of the day, we are a team. We started together and we will lead together. No one will be allowed to lack behind because we know how to stop and take a walk. We will always support each other as we did.”

This was truly something heart touching to hear out. Something which shows no matter they have a single follower or 74,500 followers, some people are never ready to step back from setting an example for people out there.

These example setters, from handling social accounts to providing SEO optimization services for the videos, they never fail to step back a little and show the world that there still exist someone who will care about you and will make you known to the unknows at any cost. Hard work is your part and making the world know about the same is the part of “Gold Media Entertainment”.

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