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GrooveNexus adds up ‘Traxeon’ - the sensational music artist on its platform

2020 was a bummer for most people and industries. There were very few positives to take away from last year and cherish. But we cannot deny that the global lockdown has given some respite to nature and human beings. Nature revived in many ways and human beings stayed at home and levelled up their skills. One of those silver linings amid the pandemic situation that kept us all going was - music.   

There were a sheer number of brilliant releases that emerged out from India's independent music scene. With more time on their hands, music artists hunkered down to write and record material from the ease of their homes and collaborated with many musicians in the row. With some ease on lockdown, many went to studios to record and collaborate with fellow musicians. And we, listeners, we're treated to quite a few earworms.   

This year too many of them are keeping up that momentum by writing more stellar music and with online streams, they are generating quite a nice buzz across the country.  

Very often, there comes a revolution in the music scene of a country. In India, things operate a little differently. Bollywood majorly monopolizes our country's music scene, and there's no denial to that.   

Famous singers and artists have bombarded the Indian music industry with the same kind of music all around. But is there absolutely no hope for new types of music and songs? Or are we not making much effort to look around and explore the space? Well, to cater for these questions and to break the monotony of the repetitive sounds, we bring you - Traxeon, a.k.a Rohan Shukla. Traxeon has turned out to be an independent artist in the music scene in India. And with a lot of other collaborations, the scene is rising like the mercury in the Indian music industry that looks quite promising. He is definitely one of the names of such aspiring artists from small towns of India who are giving birth hugely to the rise of independent music in India.  

Traxeon's recent single 'Teri Kami' is his favorite creation till date. He went out to all with his vocals to create this and feels so emotional for his song as it comes straight from his heart. His beautiful audio track is available on all music streaming platforms by GrooveNexus Records.  

Many challenges that talented indie artists face do not stem from their work or album release on various channels and the music industry. Despite knowing the fact that trends and markets have always changed often. So, keeping in pace with technology has revolutionized so many things in the last 10-20 years. Yet there are music artists who have been performing successfully and profitably for the last 30-40 years without skipping a beat.    

Indie artists who succeed in building a profitable and sustainable music career build their careers, so it doesn't get affected by fickle outside influences. 

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