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Gursewak Singh Jaisal's Inspiring Journey of Exemplifying Entrepreneurship and Leading the Youth

They say that success cannot be achieved without putting in consistent efforts and Gursewak Singh Jaisal exemplifies it. Hailing from a small town and coming from a middle-class family, Gursewak didn’t leave any stone unturned to become one of the most successful Entrepreneurs. After teaming up with a renowned firm called WAF Entrepreneurs, he has helped thousands of youth in their professional development.

Today, he is leading a life one can only dream of. People believe that it takes luck and a great idea to be a successful Entrepreneur. But Gursewak’s journey to triumph evinces that Entrepreneurship is more than just luck and an idea.

How Gursewak paved his way to Victory?

Gursewak Singh Jaisal kickstarted his career at the age of 18. As a seeker of experiential learning, he has worked in several professional fields. Backstage handling, Tourism, Event Management, and Photography are some of the professions which helped him to sharpen his skillsets. Gursewak completed his Graduation and Masters's from a well-known college in Chandigarh.

During his college days, Gursewak Singh Jaisal founded worldfilmandartsorganization. Under this banner, several short films and events were organized and it was a huge success. But the college degree didn’t fulfill his need of gaining knowledge. While browsing through the Internet, Gursewak Singh came across WAF Entrepreneurs. Joining hands with the firm has been a life-changing decision.

Today, Gursewak Singh Jaisal has uplifted many youngsters and assisted them to run a successful business. Making it own from scratch isn't as effortless as it seems but when you are passionate about your goals, then nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. In the year 2014, he founded the Guru Clinic to lend a hand in the development of HealthLine. Gursewak, along with his firm is venturing into several professions. He has been a producer for an international Punjabi news channel named Juspunjabi. Working with several IT firms including Samsung and Hitachi has also helped him to uplift his career and grow his network.

Gursewak’s Struggles

In contrast to most people’s beliefs, Gursewak Singh Jaisal’s achievements aren't an overnight success. Working for several firms didn't satisfy his inquiring mind. Gursewak also worked for his family’s media legacy but that wasn’t his passion.

Instead of succumbing to his failures, Gursewak kept exploring till he found WAF Entrepreneurs. He didn't let his financial problems become his drawback. Today, he is at the height of success by being the Director of WAF Entrepreneurs. Having a positive impact on people's lives and promoting Entrepreneurship is his passion and Gursewak achieved his goals by following his passion.

Upcoming Plans

When asked about his upcoming plans, Gursewak Singh Jaisal said, " It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to reach your goals but don't stop till you achieve your dreams." Recently, Gursewak Singh has ventured into the networking field and has come up with network4group. The Orange Ventures, founded by Gursewak is a huge success.

Gursewak Singh Jaisal plans to keep striving hard to be at the height of success. Helping the youth to meet their passion is his goal and he won't stop till he achieves it.

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