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Harish Arora, an entrepreneur who built his empire from scratch

“Harish Arora” a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur with a constant ambition have been the true torch bearer of ‘Rags to Rich.’ It takes just more than a passion to evolve through experiences and keep pushing to achieve more. His success story has now become the motivation to many and leads him to have his own dream to become even bigger.

Being from a Middle-class family he believed to only continue doing what his parents always wanted. He always intends to contribute to his family business however, he never gave up on his passion. His idea of working hard never bothered him to stop exploring in his field of interest. Harish not just worked to improve the financial situation by helping in the business but also learnt the tricks and tips of networking to help him setup his own business.

He used to travel 400 to 500kms to just attend his seminars and deliver his direct selling points to others attending the seminars. Harish started with just 10 people as at the beginning he was doomed and mocked by others as he was trying something new and not so known field. From reading direct selling books to attending each and every meeting became his sole purpose to achieve his goals.

Harish left his family in the year 2004 to move to the city life with his wife and a one-year-old child to fulfil his dreams of becoming the biggest entrepreneur of his time. His dream of absolute freedom was to only concentrate on what he believed in as a source of income. He started with just 125 rupees when he moved to live with his wife and daughter. At the beginning of his career, he saw the hardest of the time when he had to pay for his rent of 1500 rupees by selling of his engagement ring.

He had only two options available, one, that lead him to his old life where he had to work again for the medical store or to just stick around working hard to achieve his dreams for the luxury. It took him 1 year to get his first bike while following his passion of direct selling and 3 years to get his first car worth rupees 8 lakh. He was definitely not ready to stop here and his passion to buy cars grew with his intention to grow more. Harish bought the second car for 12 lakh and the third for 15lakh and the fourth for 20 lakh. This was never the end to his success he made sure to become an even bigger entrepreneur and bought a Mercedes worth 50 lakh rupees and a BMW worth 60 Lakh rupees, followed by his dream car of Jaguar.

Harish Arora knew his success more than anybody else, owning to it and keeping it stable through extreme hardship. He is truly an entrepreneur who saw the lowest to the highest believing in his dreams.

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