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Harmandeep Singh's strive to achieve his dream

Harmandeep Singh is a normal guy who dreams big just like any of us but his determination to achieve those goals is something which makes him different from any of us. He was born in Patiala,Punjab and today he lives in Brampton, Ontario,Canada. He is a student of tourism in St Lawrence College. This nineteen year old guy loves travelling. He is also fond of music, videography and photography. He is a singer and rapper. His dream is to become a famous singer and he is very passionate about it. He wants to work with his favourite singer Karan Aujla.

Harmandeep comes from a middle class family. His family supports him to become a famous and a successful person. While other people of his age are busy figuring out about their future plans, Harmandeep has already started working on his plan on becoming a businessman. His goal is to start his own restuarant franchise. When he was asked about his goals,he said "I have seen that there are a lot of people who love food. Restaurant business is a very profitable business. People's love for food is the thing which motivates me towards my dream of starting my own restaurant franchise." He also loves to help other people. He believes that his business will also help in reducing unemployment which is one of the main problem in today's world.

Harmandeep is very ambitious. He is working really hard to live his dreams. His plan is to complete his studies. Today he is a successful artist and an influencer but that doesn't make him forget his roots. His plan is to start his business after getting his work permit. Then he will keep working on his plan until he gets the permission to become a permanent resident of Canada. Even though his dreams are big, but his determination and passion will keep him moving. He doesn't believe in giving up and that will make him successful. He doesn't let his fear overpower him. When he was asked about his success he said "Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits" and that is something we should all learn inorder to grow professionally as well as personally.

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