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Heavy gathering near Former PM Imran’s residence amid the release of arrest warrant against him

Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan is under the radar of Islamabad Police. The local police started shelling all around his residence around 6 am this morning (Wednesday). As per the reports police seized all the roads around the house of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman. They blocked the roads with heavy containers along with riot personnel who took part in the operation in which PTI supporters were also injured. Imran Khan previously faced arrest by the police in the Toshakhana case.


Supporters of Imran Khan earlier clashed with police and faced teargas shells and batons. A police team arrived from Islamabad to arrest Imran Khan over the order of the court but his supporters gathered outside his residence. A senior leader of Imran’s Party PTI, Farukh Habib gave a statement to the media saying that come what may Imran Khan would not surrender to police in fake cases.


Understand the story in major points:


  1. Imran Khan was found guilty by Pakistan’s election commission of unlawfully selling gifts to foreign dignitaries in October last year.
  2. Charges were filed against ex-pm Imran Khan and former cricketer in an anti-corruption court last week and an arrest warrant was issued after him, but he skipped the summon.
  3. When the police came again to arrest Imran his supporters gathered outside his residence to prevent his arrest. In a confrontation with police, one PTI (Tehreek-e-Insaf) activist was killed.
  4. By accusing the government Imran told the media, “This is a part of London plan and a setting has been made there to put him in jail. Make the PTI fall and finish all cases against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.”
  5. This is the second time in the last weeks that Pakistan police came from Islamabad with an arrest warrant from the court to arrest Imran after he skipped several court hearings.
  6. Mr Khan released a video message as mayhem erupted outside his home. He said, "The cops are here to take me into custody. They think that if Imran Khan goes to jail, the masses will go to drowse. You have to show them wrong, you have to prove that the people are alive."
  7. This is allegedly the 81st FIR against Imran Khan since the formation of the PML-N-led federal alliance came into power 11 months ago.

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