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Here’s who Linda Yaccarino is and what do we need to know about the New CEO of Twitter appointed by Elon Musk

Elon Musk has previously stated that he will step down as Twitter's CEO as soon as he “founds someone foolish enough to take the job,” back in December 2022. "As soon as I find someone naive enough to accept the position of CEO, I will step down! I would then only be in charge of the software and servers teams,” he had stated in a tweet.  


Musk also found the next Twitter CEO last month, and no, we are not referring to his pet dog. The person we're talking about, Linda Yaccarino, is well-known in the media, but few people are familiar with her outside of that field. According to a report, the former NBC executive will become Twitter's next CEO today.


What you should know about the new Twitter CEO is as follows: Linda previously held the position of chief of global advertising at NBCUniversal. She held the position of chairman of global partnerships and advertising at the corporation. She spent almost 11 years working at NBCUniversal, where she held roles like chairman of advertising and client partnerships and president of cable entertainment and digital ad sales. During her leadership, the business sold more than USD 100 billion worth of advertising, according to sources. 


Yaccarino reportedly began her job as an NBC Universal intern before moving up the corporate ladder. She started working at Warner Bros.-owned production business Turner Entertainment in 1992. Over 19 years passed while she remained there and went to work at NBC. Yaccarino earned a Liberal Arts in Telecommunications degree from Pennsylvania State University in 1985.


According to some reports, she earned the moniker "The Velvet Hammer" in the advertising sector for her forceful and practical bargaining methods. She apparently used these strategies to land several sizable television business ad deals. Yaccarino was named chairman of the board of YMU, a talent agency with clients like Paris Hilton and Emily Ratajkowski, in February of this year.


Yaccarino and Claude Peter Madrazo are married and have two kids together.Yaccarino also has political experience. According to sources, she has previously collaborated with former US President Donald Trump and was also one of people who went ahead to serve a two-year term on the President Council of Sports, Fitness and Nutirition. The now CEO of Twitter has previously collaborated with current US President Joe Biden in 2021 in order to develop Covid vaccine campaign that also featured Pope Francis. 


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