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Here's how Dhairya Saluja made his way to success, confronting all obstacles

Co-founder at Nevarna Marketing, Dhairya Saluja is an emerging entrepreneur who paved his own path into the market with remarkable skills and knowledge. Owing to the vastness of the digital marketing sphere, it is difficult for each and everyone to succeed equitably. Migrating to Pune from Shimla nearly 10 years ago, he finished off his high school in Pune. He then enrolled in computer engineering from MIT—WPU.

Dhairya had acquired all requisites of digital marketing at a young age and been applying his knowledge since he entered the field. Shortly after the completion of high school, he began as a freelancer and was offered to perform several tasks on behalf of the corporations. His interest in the field grew, as he experienced the practicalities of the market. Now, he specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Python Programming Language, Divergent Market Research, Growth Hacking, and Website Development.

When he first came to know about digital marketing, he became interested in the field and plunged deeper into the subjects related to digital marketing. Soon, he recognized his potential and abilities and decided to embark on digital marketing as a full-time career option. Although there were several opportunities available, Dhairya set his heart only on digital marketing sphere. As the time went on, he came to realize that he could perform much better than those already serving in the field.

The number of internet users went up in recent years, giving rise to new opportunities in the digital marketing field. At present, there are thousands of digital marketing consultancy in India alone. Having been into the field only for a few years, Dhairya gained first-hand experiences and invaluable insights about the market. He worked hard and kept moving forward, irrespective of the situations in the market. One of the noticeable difference between success and failure is how much persistence a person has and how long he has that for. Practical applications of the concepts he had learnt in the beginning gave him hope to persist even in the testing time. His calibre manifested throughout the market, positioning him where he stands today. He attributes his success to his late father who had inspired him to become better in early age and also to his mother who still gives him courage and strength.

The unshakable belief he carried within him brought forth positive results for him in the long-run. Presently, he is a co-founder of Nevarna Marketing and has been continuously contributing to the success of the firm. He joined several other platforms, too, before Nevarna Marketing and always worked with dedication and exuberance. Hard work and talent paid off in such a way that Dhairya established his name in the market. There are multiple awards and titles to his name, validating his career to the point that major digital marketing agencies are willing to work with him.

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