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Here's the real-life story of travel influencers Jonathan and Megan Riff

Croatia is where they were engaged, married, and had their first child, the country where they built their life together.

With its picturesque towns, stunning beaches, inviting food scene and medieval architecture, it is no wonder why Croatia is a hot spot for tourists. Adventurers and relaxation seekers alike have been flocking to this beautiful country on holidays. Tourism in Croatia is big business. A whopping 18.4 million tourists visited the country in 2018, and current figures show tourism attributed to around 17% of the nation's GDP. Croatia boasts certain once-in-a-lifetime type of experiences, and many visitors leave the country feeling refreshed and often even inspired by its beauty.

Southern California natives, Jonathan and Megan Riff are no exception. These two travel influencers are in love with Croatia. Enjoying a fan following of over 60k followers together on photo-sharing app Instagram, the travel couple shares the best Croatia has to offer to its tourists and dwellers.

In 2006, Jonathan had traveled to Croatia on vacation and left forever changed. He fell in love with the country and could not stop planning a more permanent return. Jonathan explained, "When I returned home, the only thing I could think about was to go back.”

Jonathan and Megan were only dating at the time, and when he realized building a life in Croatia was something he couldn't stop thinking about, he brought the idea up to her. While hesitant at first, Megan saw the potential in his vision and knew that she could help due to her background in interior design and architecture. They settled on the small fishing town of Zaton and coordinated great travel experiences via guided tours. Jonathan and Megan proved that you never really leave a place you love, and that place never really leaves you.

Since arriving in Croatia, these travel buffs grew together as a couple. Their Instagram posts give glimpses of the unparalleled beauty and architectural wonder Croatia is famous for. The serene landscapes and silent pavements speak volumes about what brought Jonathan and Megan Riff to settle by the sapphire waters.

Croatia is where they were engaged, married, and had their first child, the country where they built their life together. Leaving a country as a tourist is one thing, but returning and leaving your mark is another experience altogether. Jonathan and Megan Riff proved that even tourists can bring prosperity and revitalization to a new land, all it takes is some respect and love for the country and its culture.

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