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Here’s what Frankie Quiroz has to say about his successful clothing brand ‘Tuned in Tokyo’

The first step toward success is getting started. We live in a generation of self-made entrepreneurs who have made a mark with their wealthy lifestyle. Frankie Quiroz is an entrepreneur and the founder of ‘Tuned in Tokyo’, a premium brand of automotive apparel. At a very young age, he has started earning money in millions making him one of the youngest businessmen in the world. The 27-year old entrepreneur is the owner of several clothing brands. ‘Tuned in Tokyo’ is his first 7-figure clothing company which has been a money-spinner for him. 

Born and brought up in a small town in Riverside, California; he never had access to luxury as he belonged to a lower-class family. Moreover, Frankie had a tough time while pursuing his education as he attended over 14 different schools due to his poor financial stability. However, the young boy always had a desire to start something of his own. After working at different places for years, he started his own business which has now got a social media network of 30 million followers. In 2009, he sold shirts and then he built his own empire with ‘Tuned in Tokyo’ which has got more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

Having a business mind, he has made his investments at several places and his businesses have reached 8-figures in online sales annually. “As a kid, I always wondered what made me distinct from others. I discovered the fact of how to make money through different sources. I had no guaranteed business and whatever I have achieved today is because of the mistakes I have earlier made and the people I have met in my life”, quoted Frankie. Digital marketing and branding have been his second language and the businessman has enhanced various strategies to a new level. Besides this, Frankie Quiroz has been a constant guide for next-gen entrepreneurs.

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