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HIRE EMPLOYEE @ 999/- ONLY" an initiative by Recruitment Mantra to resolve unemployment during Pandemic

As the pandemic has worst affected our economy now most of the organizations are opting for cost-cutting. Earlier the recruitment process was different where for hiring manpower the companies have their internal recruitment team. Some companies used to pay for different portal subscriptions. Even some of them used to hire a consultant, who used to charge at least 8.33% on annual CTC.

We all are aware that nowadays companies are looking for cost-cutting. In order to save the cost of these companies, Recruitment Mantra is launching a very new and encouraging campaign"HIRE EMPLOYEE  @ 999/- only" which will enable them to save their cost as well as encourage them to hire more people. It will be beneficial to the corporates as they don't require any internal Hr team.Also they don't have to spend money for different portals and advertisement.

"They will get skilled manpower as per their requirement against Rs.999/- only." said by Mr.Arghya Sarkar,CEO of Recruitment Mantra Team.

Mr.Arghya Sarkar is a very young and  dynamic entrepreneur who has started his career at a very young age of 18.

He is exceptionally successful  in multiple fields including recruitment,hr consulting,brand management and image consulting.

He is also associated with Iapetus Coach De Vie pvt .ltd  as a Managing Director.This organisation is one of the fast growing start up business in the field of image consulting.

As per Mr Sarkar 25% profit from this campaign will be used for charitable purpose for those needy children who suffered the most during this pandemic.

email: corp@recruitmentmantra.com


URL: www.recruitmentmantra.com

Social Media Link: https://www.facebook.com/arghya.sarkar.37

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