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Homeopathy Can Effectively Control and Even Cure Thyroid Disorders, says Dr. Samit Ghosh

Dr. Samit Ghosh, B.H.M.S, D.N.Y.T.G.P, F.W.T, Consultant Homeopath, National Institute of Homeopathy, Barrackpore, POPD talks about how homeopathy can be helpful in managing thyroid disorders.

Thyroid is gland in the neck, just above the collar bone. It is an essential part of the endocrine system that secretes thyroid hormones which controls the metabolism process of the Body. A healthy thyroid gland is extremely essential for the human body.

But for some people, due to several reasons, the thyroid gland is unable to do its job properly. Either it secretes less than required hormone causing Hypothyroidism or it secrets more than the required hormone causing Hyperthyroidism. An underworking or overworking thyroid gland leads to a host of different symptoms such as extreme weight gain, susceptibility to cold, indigestion, fatigue, weakness, irregular period for women etc.

It is a serious health condition faced by people all over the world, especially in India. It is estimated that 1 in 10 people in India have Thyroid Disorders. Although the cause of the disease is still not very clear for every patient, mostly this is due to lower or higher levels of Iodine in the body, Autoimmune Diseases, Tumors and genetic reasons.

In traditional treatment patients have to take lifelong synthetic thyroxin hormone, whereas in Homeopathy there's a very good chance that after treatment patients can stop taking medicines and live a normal life. When the body gets the artificial thyroxin hormone from external sources, gradually it stops secretion of the hormone, causing the disease to aggravate.

Homeopathy is the second most popular holistic system of medicine worldwide. The selection of a medicine is not done based on the disease but based upon the individualization of the patient and symptoms similarity. Homeopathic remedies do not suppress any symptoms; rather it stimulates the body’s immune system or life force to get aligned for the ultimate healing. “We need to keep in mind that our body always wants to be in balance and protect ourselves, Homeopathic Medicines just work like a catalyst in this process”, says Dr. Samit Ghosh.

Now if someone asks, “I have Thyroid disorder, what medicine should I take and in which Potency?” There is no accurate answer for that, but with the science of homeopathy, based on individual signs and symptoms many medicines such as Thyroidinum, Iodine, Spongia Tosta, Sulphur, Natrum Mur, Amyl Nit, Ferrum Iod, Phosphorus can be chosen. Like if the patient has symptoms such as sensation as if the eye were swollen and pushed out of the orbit; palpitation; frequent fainting, sudden syncope, lying as if dead; hands and feet numb, “Phosphorus” can be chosen as the remedy. But if the patient has symptoms like enlarged thyroid; protruding eyes; palpitation of heart; excessive nervousness; marked debility; frequent tremors with weariness, exhausting sweats, “Ferrum Met '' can be chosen as the remedy.

This type of treatment can provide a complete cure for the patient. Complete cure means the patient is Symptom Free without any Medicine and his pathology reports are all in normal range.

There are many such patients who have elevated TSH levels in the blood report suggesting Hypothyroidism. With Chronic Homeopathy treatment, not only the TSH level dropped to Normal range, but the patients in general are healthier. There are several such cases in Homeopathy.

Although Clinical Trials are not very common in Homeopathy due its Individualization Nature but in Modern Homeopathy there are some Clinical Trials conducted. Homeopathic medicine Thyroidinum 3X is used as a supportive therapy for Hypothyroidism patients. It is found that around 50% to 90% patients got symptomatic relief compared to 30% to 60% in placebo. The reduction of TSH levels was found in 100% for the study group compared to 20-27% in the placebo group.

Although in practice many cases of Thyroid Disorders are cured both Clinically and Pathologically, more studies are required to make people aware that Homeopathy can CURE Thyroid Disorders. And if the factor of Individualization can be introduced in such studies, instead of studying one particular medicine, the results will be much better.

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