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How 17-year-old K. Sasi Tarun turned his passion into profession by 20 is an interesting read

Having a focussed mind and not letting any distractions cross his path, he made it to the top slot, at a young age.

Who wouldn't want to work doing something they absolutely love? Though rare amongst people, there are still many whose hobbies and passions have found a way to turn that from a side-hustle to a full time profession. Although, not many of us have the courage to follow our passion, and instead look out for a safe route of taking up a regular job, there are still many whose love for a specific area pushes them to pursue it to such an extent that it turns into a fruitful career. Take the example of 20-year-old K. Sasi Tarun who is popular on the racing circuits as Torqdairies. This young lad has turned his passion of riding motorcycles into a profession and is today one of the youngest professional riders in India.


How did it all start? We ask the young champ, to which he answers, "I always loved to rev up the throttle as the sound of a motorcycle engine roaring always fascinated me. Soon enough I was riding them, and before I knew, I was on the racing tracks, riding competitively." His love for bikes at 17 eventually turned out to be his profession by the time he was 20. He says that his family always supported him in his journey and that encouraged him to pursue his love for riding bikes further. His first tryst with racing tracks began with Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, after which he got certified from Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing. That began his long journey of participating in competitive races like the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship in 2022 and many more.


Age was by his side and that gave him plenty of opportunities to spend time on the game and hone his skills. He went ahead to complete his basic free style stunt training under the guidance of TVS India Professional freestyle stunt athlete Padma Prashant at 18, and started riding solo, touring 19 states & 5 union territories covering complete South and North India, between Kanyakumari and Kashmir.


He has managed to ride to the 10 highest passes of India including Changla Pass, Khardung La, Rohtang Pass, Bara Lacha La, Zoji La, Tanglang La, Lungalacha La, Pensi La, Fotu La, and the most dangerous pass in the world Sach Pass, including Ladakh on his KTM DUKE 250 motorcycle.

Presently he is a professional motorcyclist with Merkai, a leading automotive motorsports' agency from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana specializing in two wheel advertising and marketing and is also a rider for SMP KTM INDIA, as well as the ride manager at an agency deputed by TVS Motor for Apache Owners Group Community Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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