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How Capture a Trip is Tackling problems of Indian Travellers

The travel industry in India is at its boom. After severe suffering in the years 2020-2021 due to the pandemic, the sector is again rejuvenating. Interestingly, while the number of foreign travellers hasn't yet recovered, the percentage of Indians travelling in India has shot up in numbers manifold. Due to the frustration of being locked up in their homes for two years, Indians are now travelling with full enthusiasm. Experts are calling this phenomenon, 'revenge travel', and the Indian travel industry is surely benefiting from it. As the travel industry is on the uprise, and now Indian tourists consist a huge proportion of it, the problems of this sector have also become shaped according to Indian mentality and attitude. While many companies are still finding it difficult to understand the spending behaviour of Indian tourists and the problems associated with it, a Faridabad-based travel company, Capture a Trip has it all figured out and has modelled its business catering to young Indian travellers.


Two of the major problems of Indians while travelling are budget and safety. Indians are very smart spenders and want value for every penny they spend. To tackle this issue, Capture a Trip has established an extensive chain of vendors in all the popular as well off-beat locations of India. This helps them find hidden hotel stays and transport facilities that might not be as popular but provide quality services. This helps them cut their costs and provide packages at lower prices, hence fighting the limited budget of these travellers with their top-notch ground operations. Apart from this when it comes to safety, Capture a Trip provides a trained 'Trip Leader' to its travellers on every trip whose job is to ensure the smooth functioning of trips, completion of the itineraries and make trips enjoyable for the travellers. These Trip Leaders play a crucial role in building trust between the company and travellers since we Indians tend to put a lot of value on human relationships and help in communicating the safety of their trip to travellers. This helps Capture a Trip to make packages of off-beat locations and handle the fear of travellers exploring these locations. In fact, earnings from off-beat locations constitute a huge portion of the earnings of Capture a Trip.


Other than tackling these problems with the two biggest weapons of Capture a Trip, the company also focuses on building a community of travellers rather than acting just as an entity making profits. This huge shift in the approach of perception has allowed Capture a Trip to act as someone who brings like-minded young travellers together and gives them a space to express themselves. This community promotes values like respecting women, making travel safe for females, accepting solo travellers with open arms and choosing ways of responsible travelling. It is commendable that in just 6 years a company is restructuring the travel industry and marking its own territory in the Indian travel sector. It will be more exciting to see what more heights Capture a Trip is yet to touch.

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