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How Lawsikho course helped me learn new age legal skills ?

If a software engineer can work for clients in the United States of America, Canada, Europe, why can’t a lawyer provide his services to clients in these countries? If a fresh computer science graduate can freelance and earn in dollar and euro, why can’t a lawyer do the same? As someone who has completed B.E and L.L.B, I can say that law is a far difficult and complex subject to understand (at least for me).

One day, I, Pramil Kant, found an email from LawSikho informing me of some Bootcamp. Our country was facing a second wave of covid-19 pandemic and therefore, I needed something to distract me. Therefore, I decided to attend their Bootcamp. After attending the Bootcamp, I decided to enrol for the Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at LawSikho.

These courses are completely different from what is being taught at law schools. These courses are aimed at teaching students the practical skills which are required in the field of law. I do not remember any of my law teachers explaining to me the meaning and significance of boilerplate courses, the importance of dispute resolution clauses etc. The best part of LawSikho assignments is that the questions are aimed at the problem-solving skills of the students. So, in assignments, we are asked to draft non-disclosure agreements for two pharmaceutical companies which are sharing their research to create a new drug. Such exercises push students to start thinking analytically and logically.

Another feature of LawSikho that I admired most is the support that we get from the placement team. The placement team guides students at each step; right from preparing cv, cover letters and reviewing them to preparing a profile on Fiverr and Upwork. There are special sessions that are conducted for online platforms like LinkedIn. I never knew that LinkedIn can be such a powerful platform for branding and getting freelance work. The placement teams regularly conduct online sessions for cold emailing to potential clients, the importance of regularly posting quality content on LinkedIn etc.

I joined LawSikho in June 2021 and by now, I have worked with several start-ups and businesses. I have drafted legal agreements and contracts, terms of use, GDPR/CalOPPA compliant privacy policy for them. Another important change that I have noticed in myself is that my outlook towards the legal profession has gone a 180-degree change. I believe that instead of relying solely on corporate jobs, we lawyers should also venture as freelancers and start-up founders. If engineers can create start-ups, so can lawyers!

Stories of fresh law graduate not getting decent jobs after their graduation or lower court lawyers facing problems in making their ends meet are very common. I believe that the solution to such problems lies in freelancing. But in freelancing, you need to have a proper skill set for getting work. And this is where LawSikho comes into the picture. I believe that LawSikho is indeed democratizing legal education in India.

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