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How to give yourself a haircut

Trimmer Guidance is a platform that enables you to stay in the comfort of your own house and still provide you with useful Experts’ tips and tricks regarding the concerns of your hair. So, here are some tips for achieving a haircut at home using the best hair clippers.

Gear up:

The number of blade guard must be kept in mind before starting with the haircut. The size should be according to the length of your hair. For example, the number 0 will barely cut the hair. On other hand no. 8 will cut a decent amount of your hair.

Prepare your hair:

Give your hair good wash so that not even a single strand of hair is left untangled. There should be no waves in the hair.

Cover your body:

Before you began the process your body must be covered with any cloth. The fabric must be draped properly all around so the hair doesn’t fall on you and stick to your clothes.

Brushing is the key:

Give your hair proper brushing before moving on further. To avoid the disruption of the tangles this step is very important.

Cutting of hair:

If you want to get rid of a lot of hairs then use the longest guard. It depends upon the haircut you choose. Take the desired size of guard according to the area of your head. For instance, some men want longer hair in the middle and shorter hair in the sideways of the head.

Bangs for a change:

Girls can follow the same process for the bangs you just need to take the hair from the front of your head and cut the desired length using the clipper.

Move against the direction of hair:

Move the clipper against the growth of the hair from downwards to upwards. Take a small area and small strokes must be made.

Achieve the look:

Finally using different sizes of the guards, you will “get the look.” 

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