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Hrishamrut Organics: Raring to reach the top with its mission of 'Cruelty-free milking' in the dairy industry

All around us, we notice so many new developments and advancements across different business industries and fields. It is indeed a sight to behold, knowing that all these advancements lead to a brighter future of the human race. But, have we ever wondered about the animals that also are a part of our habitat and world? Well, rarely do companies in the dairy industry go beyond doing the better for these beautiful souls and make a profound impact on our environment and work for their better lives through the safe products they create under their brand. Hrishamrut Organics stands tall in the industry that is gradually making it huge for its noble mission and vision to provide products to consumers that are of the highest quality and that which in no way exploits cows. They are known to provide cruelty-free milk, where there is no cruelty towards cows and their calves, bull-calves or bulls. They also ensure no hormonal injections nor any other milk increasing agents are given to the cattle. They encourage natural breeding and strictly refrain using artificial insemination because they focus on good quality milk production as well as the development of good quality breed.

Hrishamrut Organics is the idea and vision of Amruta Kailaje and Hrishikesh Kailaje. The name of the company is also derived from the first five letters of the founders. They are successfully running this farm for over four years today and even invite everyone to book a tour of their farm through their website. They are highly driven by the aim to make cruelty-free milk a reality and establish sustainable dairy farms all over Mumbai, allowing people to choose a different and healthy option and make an ethical choice, which is just not limited to the dairy products but also includes “Cow Therapy” for a happy living.

What's interesting about the founders is that Amruta Kailaje, a classical music teacher, is a Sangeet Visharad with BA in music and Hrishikesh Kailaje is an entrepreneur. In fact, this gentleman is successfully running a digital marketing agency for over 12 years. In the year 2015, when they visited the farm at Bhaktivedanta Manor, they got the inspiration to initiate their own farm and since then they have never looked back.

They are acing the game in providing the best cruelty-free milk and dairy products from their farm, where cows and bulls are loved, have plenty of healthy food to eat, pleasant living conditions and the best possible care. Hrishamrut Organics is trying to fight the problem of adulteration in milk that people have been consuming all through these years, which has also been a great concern for the government and the dairy industry as a whole. Hrishamrut Organics is committed to their vision to provide cows and their offspring with productive lives, where they are not exploited or sacrificed. Hrishamrut Organics aces the game in the dairy industry with their cruelty-free products like hand-milked Gir Cow A2 Milk, A2 Ghee using Traditional Bilona method, A2 Paneer, A2 Shrikhand and many more. To know more about them, visit the website, now, http://hrishamrut.com/

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