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Hyperlocal Discovery Marketplace Lfyd crosses 2+ crores in GMV

Who wouldn't love to get deals, discounts, and information about an upcoming sale, but the major problem with them is we often miss the chance to grab them because they occur at unexpected times and occasions. Not only common people but sellers also love to get benefitted out of such changes. Lfyd is here to help you so that you do not miss any of these great chances of getting cashback and discounts.

Backed by NASSCOM, Lfyd is a hyper-local Marketplace and business development company founded by Mr. Satyajeet Patnayak and Mr. Dharam Chand Patnaik. It allows users to find exclusive discounts and sales taking place in their city, as well as receive attractive cash backs when buying at partner's businesses using the app.

They provide their customers with a platform to explore local shops and learn about the latest bargains and trends in the market. People can acquire real-time information about their store and read evaluations from other customers. It's a holy grail for firms and businessmen at the same time.

In just 6 months’ time, Lfyd has managed to achieve more than 2 plus crores in GMV and Mr. Satyajeet Says “it wouldn’t have been possible without the joint efforts of the entire team”. Right now the team is waiting for the pandemic to smooth of so that it can once again operate with its full capacity. Their future plan is to Capture entire Cities by next year including 4 metro cities in India. 

Lfyd, which operates on a freemium model in which consumers pay nothing to cash deals and sellers receive a modest portion of each transaction made using their apps, has revolutionized buying-selling transactions in India, with dozens of happy and delighted users. The company claims to be a platform that ensures that no one misses out on a great bargain for themselves or their businesses.It is driven by a team of seasoned enablers that have helped over 3000 shops and brands to reach their target audience. The Startup was also one among the top 10% of startups that pitched at Y Combinator for their winter 2020 Cohort.

Another fantastic benefit of using the Lfyd app is the fluid UI, which is constantly updated to reflect any festive sales, deals, or services in and around an area, and also among other things.

With specialized apps for both buyers and sellers, they have a dedicated team that has envisioned an environment with their apps that puts all information in one place for hassle-free transactions that are made appealing with rewards and offers. 

 Lfyd is surely playing the role of giving wings to millennials with ease and because of their seamless approach to offer simplicity and affordability to their scores of consumers.

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