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Increased heartbeats can hijack neurons, affecting decision making brain circuits

In a recent study, scientists have found that racing heartbeats can alter the decision-making brain circuits.  The discovery of the phenomenon was reported in the journal ‘PNAS’ (Proceedings of the national academy of sciences). Increasing heartbeats, rise in blood pressure, shortness of breath is an intense state of the body that a person experiences. In other words anxiety, addiction, and other psychiatric disorders are the outcomes that scientists named arousal. The heart races, blood pressure reading rises, breath shortens, and  “bad” decisions are made. 

In an effort to understand how these states influence the brains’ decision-making processes, scientists study the data of non-human primates. The research further revealed that the two brain decision-making centers have neutrons that surveil the internal dynamics of the body. A high level of arousal appeared to reconnect one of the centers, causing the neurons to act as internal state monitors. Thus, letting the changes in our arousals alter the way the circuits work.

“We hope that the research study helps the doctors to  reexamine & analyze the fundamental areas of the brain and cellular processes that curb several psychiatric disorders”, doctor Rudebeck exclaimed 

For a very long time, scientists and researchers have been discussing the relationship between arousal and decision making efficiency as a “U-shaped curve”

A little bit of arousal can be proved effective towards the functioning of the body and mind. Consuming a little cappuccino can produce peak efficiency but excess intake could produce damaging results further leading to uneasiness, fear, and other psychiatric disorders 

“Brain scanning studies have suggested that bodily arousal alters the activity of decision-making processes. Our results are backed on a cellular level and guide that the sole duty of these neutrons is to track the body’s internal and interoceptive states”, quoted by doctor Atsushi Fujimoto

Therefore, in order to regulate good functioning of the body & mind, it is necessary to control racing heartbeats as they can hijack the neurons in the brain leading to bad decision making. 

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