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India Rejects Trump's Charge, says It is Committed to Paris Climate Accord

NEW DELHI: India on Monday slammed US President Donald Trump for his view that it was getting benefits worth billions of rupees in the name of fighting climate change and reiterated its firm commitment to the Paris Climate Deal.
"India signed the Paris Accord not under any pressure or out of any consideration of monetary gains,’’ External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said here while replying to a question at her annual press conference. 
In India’s first direct response to President Trump’s announcement of withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and his remarks against India on climate financing, Ms Swaraj said India’s commitment to the Paris Deal was unchanged irrespective of the US withdrawal from the Agreement.
The External Affairs Minister pointed out that protection of nature and environment was in the very ethos and ancient culture of India, and as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this ethos dates back to 5000 years. 
"So if someone says that India signed the deal under pressure or for money, it was not true. And so whether the US remains in the Deal or not, India will continue to fulfill its commitment under the Paris Agreement,’’ she said.
Mr Trump, announcing the US withdrawal from the Paris Deal last week, had said that the deal was tilted against the US while countries like India would receive billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid,while at the same time it would be allowed to double its coal production.

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