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India sends a strong message to UK; Security barricades outside UK commissioner Alex Ellis’ residence removed

British High Commissioner

In a major move, security barricades outside the British high commissioner’s residence in Rajaji Marg were removed today afternoon by Indian authorities. Also, all the external security that was provided to the British Commission in India was removed. This extreme step was taken after the Anti-India activity in London happened where the Indian Flag was removed by the Khalistani extremists from the Indian commission this week.


In addition to removing the barricades and bunkers placed in front of the British High Commission's gate on Shantipath at the Chanakyapuri diplomatic enclave, the Delhi police team and the PCR vans stationed there have also been taken down. Similar to this, police have taken down the barricades in front of the residence of British High Commissioner Alex Ellis at Rajaji Marg located in Meena Bagh in Lutyens Delhi.


This is an act of retaliation by new India after the British government neglected to provide enough protection for the Indian High Commission in London on Sunday when a number of Khalistani supporters had gathered in front of the British High Commission and attacked the office. The development comes after a review of the problem at the highest level of the government.


Many Khalistani extremists can be seen protesting outside the Indian High Commission on Sunday night in a video. An Indian flag was pulled down by a man wearing an orange turban while there were chants of "Khalistan Zindabad" and he was seen climbing the building's walls. India reacted angrily to this development in London over the "activities conducted by separatist and extremist forces" against the Indian Commission, and as a result British deputy high commissioner Christina Scott had been summoned to the external affairs ministry late on Sunday night. 


In a fury way, India demanded an explanation for the whole event which happened in London and how pro-Khalistani elements entered the premises of the Indian Commission in the UK. India’s new foreign policy won’t tolerate such events and will reply aggressively. In a fierce way, the Ministry of External Affairs said India finds it ‘unacceptable’ the indifference to the security of Indian diplomats and personnel by the British Government.

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