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Indian-Origin British Doctor Launches Two Research Journals

Umesh Prasad, an Indian origin doctor, settled in the United Kingdom, has launched two new monthly academic research journals -- ''European Journal of Sciences (EJS)'' & ''European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS).’’

Dr Prasad has already launched " Scientific European’’® (a science magazine) early this year, according to a UK Education Consultancy Services Ltd announcement.   

While the magazine Scientific European® is geared towards general audience who are interested in science and technology to make them aware of advances in the scientific fields, the new journals European Journal of Sciences (EJS)® & European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)® will disseminate primary research to academic and scientific community after evaluation by the peers, the announcement said.

European Journal of Sciences (EJS)® [ISSN 2516-8169 (Online)|ISSN 2516-8150 (Print)] aims to report original scientific research of significance to the scientific community through proper evaluation of the findings. This covers all areas of sciences including but not limited to physical sciences, biological sciences, chemical sciences, mathematical sciences, computer sciences, engineering sciences, environmental sciences and earth sciences.

European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)® [ISSN 2516-8525 (Print)|ISSN 2516-8533 (online)] aims to report original academic research of significance in the area of social sciences to the academic community through proper evaluation of the results or findings by the peers. This covers all areas of social sciences including but not limited to anthropology, archaeology, behavioural sciences, criminology, cultural studies, demography, developmental studies, economics, education, gender studies, geography, gerontology, history, international studies, linguistics, media studies, philosophy, political sciences, psychology, public administration, rural and urban studies, social work, sociology and sustainability studies.

Both the journals are ‘’Open Access’’, available in both online and print formats and are published on a monthly basis.

Umesh Prasad, the founder editor, said: ‘’We value inclusive dissemination. We wish to enhance access to systems and processes of sharing of new knowledge acquired through primary scientific research. We think there is a genuine need for more specific journals dedicated to the scientific community where researchers can publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers along with relevant and insightful reviews about their cutting-edge works. Hence, here we are with the premiere issues of European Journal of Sciences (EJS) and European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)! Hope these journals provide a vibrant, engaging, integrative and collaborative platform for the researchers to present their works after rigorous and fair peer review process’’.

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