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India’s Bhagya Shri C Shines At International Pageant

Bhagya Shri C crowned Miss India International® 2019 in March 2019, wins People’s Choice and places the top ten in the Miss International® pageant. 

Indian pageant winners have made us proud on the international stage worldwide. Bhagya Shri C, who was crowned Miss India International® 2019 by Bollywood Actress Tanisha Mukerji in March 2019, represented India at the Miss International® Pageant held in the grand Clay Center Theatre (Charleston, West Virginia, USA) during July last year. She did India proud by making it to the top ten amongst nearly 60 contestants from all over the world. Additionally, she also managed to secure the People’s Choice Award by winning the audience over with her poise, intellect, and charm. 

Bhagya Shri C is a Cornell University graduate who works as a Product Manager in Data Science for Advertising Technology. She is also an extremely talented dancer and actor and is pursuing acting opportunities in New York and India. Besides dancing and acting, she has modeled for several designers and has also walked the ramp at the reputable New York Fashion Week. 

For her pageant platform, she chose to advocate for and speak passionately about her project, #DivDev, which focuses on diversity development in mainstream media and technology. As part of her project, #DivDev (short for Diversity Development), she promotes underrepresented individuals and communities in areas of technology and media. She is known to have spent most of her schooling days in Hyderabad, where she studied at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School in Jubilee Hills and was very academic-oriented and studious during the majority of her childhood. She pursued Computer Science for her under-graduation and achieved her Masters in Information Science. 

Later, she went on to be crowned as Miss India International® 2019-2020 by Bollywood Actress, Tanisha Mukerji, in March 2019 amongst 11 other contestants in a US-based pageant for Indian women held by Juhi Jagiasi’s IFAB Awards whose events have often appeared on B4U and other media channels. Bhagya Shri has since then made appearances on Mana TV, TV Asia, and has also judged several dance and fashion award shows as Miss India International® 2019. The Miss International® pageant has been running for the past 16 years and has always placed a strong emphasis on their contestants making a difference in people’s lives. 

The pageant also attributes the highest portion of the score (40%) towards the interview portion of the competition. Other areas in the competition include Evening Gown, Fitness Wear, and Regional or Fun Fashion. All the contestants had very strong platforms to promote including tackling crucial and significant topics such as suicide prevention, women empowerment, and inclusion. 

The pageant winner this year, Ava Hill from the USA, gave great importance to her platform for suicide prevention and greatly impressed everyone. She also performed impressively in all the above-mentioned areas of the competition and managed to take the crown home. Bhagya Shri’s achievements in this pageant will hopefully inspire more young Indian women to put themselves out there and take these challenges in stride.

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