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Influencer Kshama Sharma Joins Natural Skincare Movement With Perenne

When young social media influencer, Kshama Sharma, posed with the latest products from the clean range of skincare products, Perenne, she took social media by storm. The 1 million+ followers that Kshama has on her social media , kshamablog, responded quite positively towards the fact that Perenne, Spanish for ‘perennial’, is a synonym for ageless beauty and a clean beauty movement.           

Perenne is the brainchild of founder Ritu Khanna who envisioned a high-quality, natural skin care range developed with the confluence of natural benefits and new-age skin science. The skincare range is the result of years of research and development, aimed at finding the ultimate elixir for ageless beauty. Perenne products are award-winning and widely acclaimed and that is what attracted Kshama Sharma too to associate with it.  Apart from the Perenne experience, Kshama, whose bubbly personality comes out wonderfully in her Instagram posts, is known to associate with contemporary beauty care products, which are not harmful, or tested on animals in any way. Among the most prominent brands that Kshama has associated with in the past, there is Mama Earth, Bella Vita, Sirona, Ylang Ylang, Mettle Peanut Butter, and Blue Nectar.

Creating digital footprints at a young age of 21 years is just one of Kshama Sharma’s achievements. She is considered one of the leading digital marketers in the country and she has been doing exceptional work for the past 3 years. She is not just a true-blue fashionista, she is also beauty with the brains. Kshama has done her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and she is mad about traveling, as is evident from her Instagram posts, showing her traveling through mountain roads.

At such a young age, Kshama is already creating waves on social media and her deft handling of social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Her huge fan following across these platforms runs into millions and, therefore, different brands are clamouring to associate with her. More often than not, Kshama continues to post product reviews on Instagram, sharing with her followers the pros and cons of each product, and adding her own take to things.

Currently, Kshama is working as Digital Marketing Manager with Promoexpertz, a digital promotion & social media management agency, which helps brands connect with influencers and target the right customers.

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