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Integrative Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach, Karishma Shah comprehends need for holistic health coaching for women's wellness

In today's fast pacing world where everyone is in a rat race to succeed, health and wellness generally take a backseat. While some learn to strike a balance between the two, others don't pay attention to their bodies unless the stress takes over. This is essentially true for women of this generation as their area of wellness has been affected by various multi-dimensional aspects.

From physical and emotional to mental and financial, a lady goes through tumultuous changes that affect her overall health. In fact, with the changing lifestyle, many hormonal changes in gender have taken a turn for the worse. Therefore, there have been a lot of conversations taking rounds to stress women's health and development for a better way of living. According to a report by Northwell Health conducted to put under review the wellness of women, it was brought to light that- over 80 percent of the female gender suffers from hormonal imbalance. 70 percent of them are tackling conditions like PCOS, early menopause, and many other irregularities without even realizing the severity of the situation. This is exactly where the idea of aiding women in understanding their wellness prerequisites come from. To make the women of today more aware, and thereby stronger to face the world. Sharing about the same Integrative Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach, Karishma Shah has shared her opinions.

Over the course of due time, many holistic health coaches have taken it upon themselves to impart the knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. Fulfilling the integral motive of improving women’s health conditions, they not only educate them about their bodies but also suggest personalized changes that suit each individual's dietary, mental, and physical goals. When it comes to hormonal irregularities, it becomes quintessential for a lady to know what she is dealing with, and hence a holistic health coach leads them on a path of fueling their bodies. In addition, it is important to understand that when a woman acknowledges the essence of being aware of her wellness, she is able to pass that learning on to the next generation. This, in turn, contributes to a chai of healthy and well-acclaimed individuals towards self-care.

While we are on the subject of women’s wellness, it should also be brought to note that a lot of times the female gender is rather apprehensive to even speak about their physical troubles. It stems from years of conditioning of talking about situations like menopause, PCOS, mental health, anxiety, and depression in hushed voices.  Therefore, it becomes imperative for women to be coached about safeguarding their well-being. It is only a holistic coach that can go into the depth of the mind and unleash the ideas of taking a breather every once in a while when a lady feels stressed and more importantly, not feel guilty about it.

Considering this as a successful health initiative in India also vouches for better fertility as well as infant mortality rate. Holistic coaches in their whole capacity, share the burden off the shoulders of medical professionals and strive to protect maternal health. It is after all only when a mother is healthy that the child will be too. On that account, one could associate the importance of holistic health coaching for women, to not only look after themselves better, but also enable a chain of healthy generations to come.  You can follow her on Instagram @karishmashahnutrition  or visit: https://karishmashahnutrition.com/


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