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Invest in the Future of Content Development

In an era where content creation is leading the digital world, 'Oyster' by 'App n Tap' is a creative one-stop solution for all content help. The idea of Oyster is to make content development easier for content writers, digital marketers, students, and advertising firms. The platform will cater to every need for a content creator. Instead of multiple platforms, it intends to bring everything under one roof titled 'Oyster'. The idea was developed by the founder amidst the lockdown and put into action at the same time. The platform intends to help with SEO, Plagiarism checking, and Grammar evaluation of the content. This super-tool is quite promising. Content empowers Advertising, Content empowers Marketing, and Content empowers the Product, but what empowers the Content? 'Oyster' by 'App N Tap', in the coming years, will be the strongest weapon in the arsenal of Content creators and Developers.

Content has been a key element in reaching people in the present day and is one of the most reliable methods of marketing & advertising. It is an invaluable way to connect brands with their audiences, and Oyster intends to make it easier for the writers to write and proofread their content. Prakhar (Founder) and Abhijeet (Co-Founder) developed the idea and built their research around the platforms that exist in the market today. Only to conclude that several platforms provide certain services but no platform accumulates all the services under one single dashboard. The founding team is currently looking to raise funds for the development of their AI-powered SAAS product.

Oyster is a promising application that can be the ideal app for many working sectors. Prakhar believes that the technology of the future is going to change everything and is going to take the content industry by storm. Prakhar is 25 years old and the youngest entrepreneur in India to hold under 50 Crunchbase rank from New Delhi. Prakhar's goal is to make Eunoia and 'App n Tap' a one-stop solution for clients and content writers so that they can both be saved from predatory pricing and exploitation without any compromise in the quality of work. He wants to be a part of the change and empower it with the introduction of 'Oyster' in the content industry.

Abhijeet believes that just like how the internet changed the world forever when it came in 1995, Artificial Intelligence is going to do the same. He has been in the content industry for almost 4 years and has a dedicated interest in SAAS-based sales and desires to be an Entrepreneur with 'Oyster' being his first venture. Abhijeet believes that with 'Oyster', he would also contribute to the artificial intelligence transformation of this world. The content, marketing, and advertising industries are highly competitive, and Oyster can be a bridge among the three. Oyster will be launching their MVP soon. Currently, the team is looking for investor funding to upscale their market.

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