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iPledge reports show that Indians are inclined to local businesses

38% of Indians pledged to purchase products & services from local businesses 

According to online pledge platform ipledge, Indians are now inclined towards buying products and services from their local vendors and this is good news for local business 

Wearing a mask is now a global phenomenon and It will be going to continue in near future, 15% of Indians have pledged to wear the mask, but more than that shockingly Indians are now have a huge inclination towards e-waste management where  17% users want to dispose of e-waste properly, 13% want to plant a tree, 11% pledge for saving animals & pets

Interestingly, Indians now don’t want to stay at home, only 1.5% pledged to stay at home, it is among the bottom 3 pledges, all these are based on online pledge platform ipledge.app where user can pledge for doing good deeds, In total 13452 users has taken the pledge in the initial launch of the platform

With ipledge.app anyone can choose the task that he wants to follow and take the pledge. Ipledge provides them a certificate that can easily be shared on social media and influence friends, family, and society

Executives from the platform said that “In the mission to make this world better by one pledge at a time, we enables you to pledge for good cause, as we believe that to change the world, you have to change yourself first. You have to change your mentality, your habits, and your actions.”

iPledge urges users to take a free pledge at https://ipledge.app , download a certificate, and share the certificate with friends to create an impact on the society

Website Link : - https://ipledge.app

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