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Ishpreet Kaur Makkar makes her name in the industry after struggling for years

Most of the world's important things have been done by people who persisted in seeking even though there appeared to be little hope. Keeping the same attitude, Ishpreet Kaur Makkar, actor and model has received over 57 lakh views on her song "Mehandi Pyaar wali". Ishpreet rose to prominence in the modeling world after starring in the short film Viha di Gail, which earned 8.1 million views on YouTube.

Today, when people opt for coveted careers like Dancing, Singing, Modeling, and leave them just because of stability issues, Ishpreet didn’t dwindle and continues for fortitude. After a long struggle of five years in the industry, this girl from Chandigarh manifested her name among renowned actors and models, and as she got gigs in music videos and short films.

Hailing from a city in Rajasthan, Ishpreet Kaur belongs to a middle-class family. Her father Gurdeep Singh Makkar runs a business whereas her mother is a homemaker. Her family was always strong in her endeavors and cared for her needs on the way. Completing her schooling at Bikaner, she joined the Jain Girls College where she completed her graduation in Arts.

Interested in acting since childhood

A girl with Jolly nature, Ishpreet got what she wants only from her willpower and hard work. She started learning the art of mehndi (Henna) designing and makeup. Being interested in acting since childhood, she could not eschew her dream and as such started her career from short video songs made by her friend in Bikaner. When she became confident that she can make her career in this field, she started working with more devotion and in the span of three to four years, her music videos got recognition. While pursuing her degree, she assisted her father in his business and on the other hand, kept her struggle on for fulfilling her ambitious dreams.

Carved her niche by short video and modeling

Having worked for a variety of music videos, one of them, 'Jhoota Pyar Tera' got more than 2 lakh likes on YouTube. Inspired by the feedback, she was encouraged for going ahead. Later on, she performed in Mera Kissa (3 lakh views), 'Jhoota Pyar Tera- II' (6.5 lakh), 'Kaise jiyunga Tere Bina'( 1.6 lakh), 'Kyunki Itna Pyar'…. (1.5 Lakh), 'Mehandi Pyar wali'( 57 lakhs) and hence gained popularity and became the youth icon.

She also acted in the project ‘The real hero Indian Army’ (1.4 lakh), 'Paisa, Pyaar Aur Dhokha' (3 lakh), 'Walapune da Craze'( 3.2 lakh), 'Viha di Gail'( 8.1 lakh) made her a star in the world of short films and her hard work paid off. The youth started to get inspired by her work in not only Hindi but also from Punjabi projects.

With the support of her family, Ishpreet Kaur started climbing the ladder of success but it wasn’t easy. While she was recuperating, her weight soared to 75 kilograms. It brought her a lot of issues in grabbing roles in the industry. She didn’t lose hope and worked hard day and night to get back in shape and power through the roadblock.

Her mother Parminder Kaur Makkar left Bikaner to support her career and started staying with her in Chandigarh. During her stay in this union territory, Ishpreet Kaur went on learning novel technologies and professional skills in the field of modeling, advertising, short films, acting, and other related skills. She has a dream of becoming a national model and contributes for bringing laurels to her nation and it is for certain that she’ll achieve it.

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