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Jaae aka Inkedupjae aka Jae Summerz: The Trailblazer Singer, Recording artist, Entrepreneur, & Songwriter

Born as Jae Summerz to young parents, Jaae aka Inkedupjae is known for his passion and a care-free attitude. The passion for music has made him a successful recording artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur.

The Queens-born R & B musician and artist can present uncut passion, pain, triumph, and every emotion possible in his music with an extreme set of emotions. He has the boldness that connects the audience to his music and makes them fall in the deep ocean of his melodies.

Jaae's music is so intense that no matter where you belong to his music will hit hard and leave a soothing and beautiful effect on your ears.

Since a very young age, he knew what he has to focus on, they were music and entrepreneurship. Taking both of them together he launched his own business named “Ink Mob Entertainment”. He managed to cross all the hurdles in his way and proven to be successful. He says, “Being a recording artist in New York City is tough. You either adapt to your environment, or you’re going to fail”.

"My love and passion are rocking the industry, its escalating day-by-day, and my ready to keep my nose to the grindstone and leave imprints with my music forever on the world" adds Jaae.

His journey commenced with putting his feet into the industry as a dancer and later on turned as a Songwriter, additionally opted for Recording.

Jaae has worked with topmost singers of Hollywood, such as Trey Songz, Madonna, Chris Brown, Dascha Polanco, Lil Mama, and many more. The powerhouse of talent has even worked with Love and Hip-Hop cast members.

At present, Jaae is looking forward to his upcoming project to record labels and renowned publishing companies including Atlantic Records, Warner Music, Concord, Warner Chappell, SonyATV, and Sony Orchard.

Instagram  Account: https://www.instagram.com/inkedupjae/

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