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Jagrit Pratap Singh and Pranav Rastogi speak on engaging over a million fans monthly

Digital consumption in India, which has always been at a high rate and will continue to forever over the years to come. In the previous years, we have seen that a lot of new technologies have been implemented, further leading to enhanced consumption of digitalized content across the country. And, the most amazing part of this digital consumption that is increasing is that there is no limit to people’s thirst for newer and unique ideas, which we can see is changing with the changing trends.

Enter Jagrit Pratap Singh & Pranav Rastogi: The duo has been responsible for feeding this high demand for content across multiple social platforms. By bringing in small-town content creators from various backgrounds into the limelight, they’ve revolutionized the content industry in India for good.

Along with his partner Pranav Rastogi, the duo has taken the media industry by a storm. Pranav has been in the industry for over 10 years as well, along with Jagrit he’s played an important role in the management of social media properties for A-List Hollywood celebrities. The duo has managed to bring in a whole lot of talented creators from middle-class families and give them access to a whole new world of possibilities. They have been working together for over three years now and they’ve given over 20 talented content creators to Facebook & Instagram. Putting the dots together hasn’t been a piece of cake for the duo, but they’ve conquered every bit of what they do.

The duo is also behind a biker community which they later turned into a media agency ‘Life Of A Rider’. The goal was to bring all the bikers in the world together and show the brighter side of bikers which was never shown to the public. The page has grown over 700k likes. They say it should reach over a million fans by the end of 2019.

From Bollywood to Hollywood: Jagrit Pratap Singh & Pranav Rastogi have it all covered.

They’ve successfully managed the social handles of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. In terms of growth and engagement, they’ve been the go-to guys.

The duo states that while growing up they never thought Social Media would change their lives forever. In the midst of Bollywood movies smashing records on the big screen, these two have been giving a tough competition to the big screen by pumping small town content creators onto social media platforms.

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