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Jaishree Nenwani – Indian Author’s journey from launching GetSetHappy to her first book “Tiny Habits Massive Results”

Jaishree Nenwani is an Indian author, millennial blogger, homepreneur, and founder of the renowned online platform ‘GetSetHappy’ where she writes inspirational blogs and encourages readers to lead their healthiest and most fulfilling lives from within. She has launched her debut book “Tiny Habits Massive Results” which talks about 7 (plus a pro-habit).


Jaishree Nenwani is born and bought up in New Delhi. She pursued post-graduation in management studies and spent a few years in Corporates. However, after working for a few years in various big 4 firms, she had to voluntarily take an exit from her job due to health concerns. That’s when she carved out her space in writing and recruitment services after much research and brainstorming basis her interests, abilities, and prior experience.


After successfully operating her recruitment business for a number of years, she decided to follow her passion for writing. To improve her writing, she started a freelance content writing business and that’s when she coined her own blog in 2017 at https://getsethappy.com, which thousands of readers around the world read.


Indeed, everyone’s journey is different and Jaishree Nenwani’s book “Tiny Habits Massive Results” acts as a tried and tested referral offering tips and road maps that will help you look inwards and gain new perspectives. In this book you will learn about simple yet impactful lifestyle habits that separate achievers from regular people and these tiny habits will have a transformative effect on your physical and mental health, career, relationships and life.


“I believe that every challenge offers the chance to grow, discover fresh perspectives, and create a new life,” Jaishree says upon being asked about her setback.


She further adds “After quitting my job I was left with two options either not do anything and sit idle or else work from home. I chose the latter, and that’s how my writing career began in this way. I'm a little introverted, which is why I have a small circle. I see myself as a lifelong learner and adore interacting with like-minded people”


You can connect with Jaishree Nenwani on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and LinkedIn @jaishreenenwani.


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