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Jas Dhaliwal: The successful digital entrepreneur and social media influencer known for his knowledge and experience

The fact cannot be denied that the change is the only constant and it stands true if we look around ourselves. Everything has been changing around us and for someone who wants to be relevant all the time, the only way is to keep adapting with the changes. Meet Jas Dhaliwal, coming from Punjab is someone who has been in this field for years now.
Jas Dhaliwal is the man behind who looks after the account management of renowned Punjabi singer Karan Aujla and works with music label Rehaan Records. As a digital entrepreneur, Dhaliwal reports duplicate content and get it removed from the digital space. The young entrepreneur had started working at a very young age, since then he has gained enough experience to work as a digital entrepreneur.
He is a young multi-talented boy, highly motivated and positive person. Apart from his work, his influential content on Instagram handle ‘js_dhliwl’ is mostly about music and lifestyle. He loves travelling and used to spend his spare time listening music and work digitally. Jas also loves travelling and exploring the countryside and creating content that acted as a major advertisement for any young traveller.
Being in this space for years now, Jas Dhaliwal has understood the art of digital marketing very well. According to him, one should always keep the 5 pro-tips to boost your digital presence in mind while working on their digital presence.
Dhaliwal said, “It is true that people are not interested in your work. They need to be targeted in a different way to attract their attention. Providing people with unique and relevant work is probably the best way to gain their attention and highlight your brand value at the same time.
“Your efforts would be a total waste if you will focus on the wrong set of work. Not everyone is in need of your goods or services. The key lies in figuring out your target audience and hammering them with the right method of marketing to make the best impact possible, said Dhaliwal.

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