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Jewellery Mascot with a Golden Heart, Guruji Kailashraigar

Kailash is a strong believer in God, he believes in helping people bringing humanity to the forefront. He wants to see people around him happy, by helping anyone in need he tries to make this world a better place to live in. Helping and caring for people doing thoughtful gestures for people in need. Making most of the hard-earned money he likes to do a lot of donations. He believes being a good person can help you reach God.

Going to the temple is equal to doing charity. Helping people all the time and doing what best he can do in his capacity. Being a good human being is the most important thing for him while doing all the great work. He likes to take care of people all the time. Every day is like a new day for him to do good things for other people. Gaining happiness from other people’s happiness. His dream is to make everyone in the world happy. Every step he takes, he tries to think about other people.

Sometimes he does things without anyone telling him about their problems. When he hears from other people about anyone’s problems, making all the efforts to help them by talking to them and guiding them. All days for him are like connecting to God, by helping and taking care of people. Each day is like a new opportunity for supporting other people. A lot of times he has also helped people whom he didn’t know very well. Listening to their problems and resolving them in his own way.

Humanity is the most crucial aspect of his thought process. Empathy, caring, and sharing are the goals of his life. Doing thoughtful gestures for other human beings while forgetting about himself comes naturally to him. Even a small problem of another person makes a difference to him. He tries to resolve the smallest issues faced by each and every person he meets. Going out of his way to make others happy. Kailash is a businessman whose heart lies in doing humanitarian work. Spreading the message of humanity through his gestures of kindness towards other human beings.
For him, everyone is equal and sees all the same light. He thinks helping humanity is like helping God. Step by step going nearer to God. Doing his business ethically, he has strong faith in humanity and moral values. He looks at the world like one family, anyone from the family is disturbed, he doesn’t like it. He wants to spread the love for humanity, at the end of the day, which makes him feel content.

A rare human being who puts humanity on a pedestal. Sharing people’s problems and making a difference in their lives is the main goal of his existence. Spreading joy all around, he swears by his convictions. Something that has never failed him. In this modern age where people only want to think about themselves and money, Kailash is on a mission of sharing and kindness.

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