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Jivan Mizuri: The uprising Entrepreneur

B&G Corporation, an oil and gas construction and financial service company plans to build one of the most luxurious projects located in Erbil Kurdistan region under the name of Rolsen Mall. The project will come into service from 2021. The man behind the company is a well acknowledged international trader and entrepreneur, Mr. Jivan Mizuri.

Born in Erbil, capital of Kurdistan region of Iraq, Jivan Mizuri or Jivan Qasim Saleem Mizuri completed his education from the University of Cihan in Erbil, he set out to carve a path of his own. At a very young age of 18, Jivan had the necessary business acumen which enabled him to start his first entrepreneurial venture in China. After the initial struggles in the business, he moved to Ankara and currently shifts between Istanbul, Dubai, and Erbil, depending on his business commitments.

Mentioning the uniqueness of the work that company provides, Mr. Mizuri, said, “Specialities that we think may differ us from others in this field is this all of this came from a young boy at the age of 17 started at the very young age who already could speak four languages well-versed in both Bible and Quran Karim holy books from the religion of Islam and Christianity”.

“On the span of 10 years, we have a net profit of $120 million, and it’s nothing but a starting point for us especially at the age of 27 years old only. With the support of our clients, we aim to hit and provide more services”, he added.

Redefining overseas trading, B&G corporation was founded in February 2015. The company actively engages in currency and oil trading and plans to expand further and beyond its present boundaries. Currently the company is operating with a team of 40 well-trained professionals. Rolsen Group, Erbil is one of the key clients and investor partner of the company.

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