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Journey of love towards Music with Tanay Tiwari

In recent times, India has witnessed many such names who have shown their talents and made a mark for their name. One such name is Tanay Tiwari who was born on 8th October 1994 in the city of Nawabs - Lucknow. Tanay is one whose dedication to his art is unfathomable. Tanay is an Indian film score composer and a venerable Music Producer. His dedication is clear when it comes to playing the piano or the keyboard for which he never received any training or coaching. Tanay’s love for music started during his school days when all the students usually used to pray in an assembly, he was the one playing the music for it. His passion grew from there and he used to see and learn from the then music teacher in his school. From then, he went deep in the art and never looked back. He collaborated with many of his friends and started working in the field.

Tanay is a huge fan of the German composer Hans Zimmer and he gets inspired by his music.

Tanay’s dedication saw a rise when he moved to Ahmedabad and started composing tracks for  the Gujarati film industry. He started composing scores for Indian web series like Neverland which was ranked as the 64 unmissable LGBT web series to watch by Round the World Magazine. He also done scores and background music for several short films such as Broccoli Bridge, Coat,   and Bas Cha Sudhi. According to his beliefs “Music is integral to anything you watch these days, it's the soul for anything that you watch these days.” Tanay has also done several kinds of music for Commercial Advertisements such as Ganpat University and Smart Homes. Tanay’s big project was with Shemaro which was called “FriendZone” which gained quite a name for the viewers.

Tanay’s vision is clear and his dedication is what makes him a musician. We ought to see less of people like Tanay Tiwari who are that deeply involved in music and who breathes music. You can check out his work on his Instagram and support it @tanay_tewari

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