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Jungkook’s Seven feat. Alesso Drops Tomorrow at 1 PM KST

Army gear up! Hold onto your headphones, folks because BIGHIT MUSIC just dropped an electrifying teaser poster. BTS' youngest member Jeon Jungkook and the iconic Alesso are teaming up for a fresh remix of Jungkook’s latest single Seven. Alesso, the maestro, has infused it with a Progressive House vibe, using rhythmic synth bass and a killer drop that will blend perfectly with Jungkook's vocals. Mark your calendars: This sonic delight, Seven Ft. Alesso drops August 25, 2023, at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST). Get ready to groove! 


Seven featuring Latto has already taken listeners on a genre-bending journey with its multiple remixes, including the vibrant Weekday Version, the infectious Weekend Version, the atmospheric Nightfall Version, and the soothing LoFi Version. Each version has given a new life to the song, transforming it from a bright and poppy tune to a darker, rock-inspired sound. No matter the genre, Seven has undoubtedly kept us grooving, offering a version for every mood.


This track has transcended its summer origins, finding its place not only as a seasonal anthem but also as a club favourite in many parts of the world. The anticipation is now noticeable as fans eagerly await Alesso's version. With his global DJ reputation and Jungkook's angelic vocals poised to harmonize with the deep beats, the upcoming version promises to be another sensational evolution of a truly versatile track, TBH I am also very excited.


Jungkook's sensational solo track ‘Seven,’ dropped on July 14, took the music world by storm, reigning at the top of Billboard's 'Global 200' chart for an impressive five weeks in a row. Garnering a staggering 104.3 million streams in its debut week and a cumulative 400 million streams on the Global 200 chart, the song solidified its position as the number-one track for the fifth consecutive week. Jungkook's star power shone brilliantly as he achieved the remarkable accomplishment of surpassing 100 million streams for five consecutive weeks on the Billboard Global 200 chart, a groundbreaking achievement that makes him the very first male vocalist across the globe to achieve this astounding record.


Right from its release day, Jungkook has been smashing and setting new records, firmly establishing himself as an iconic soloist from Korea. As whispers of a potential new album circulate for later this year, fans are brimming with confidence that it will certainly become another global sensation, further solidifying Jungkook's position as a musical sensation on the global stage.

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