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Kaiwan Shaban, Young talented Photographer is showing another side of Iraqi Kurdistan!

There is something amazing about good photography. The stunning features of a human, the closeness and raw emotion of the subject in the image and undeniably a perfect composition makes you feel like you know the person as your friend. 

Photography is a genuine art which very few can have. You can learn it, but perfection comes when you have that passion and natural sense.

Kaiwan is a talented photographer who is famous for his spectacular photography. He inspires and educates his viewers about photography and cinematography on his channel.

Kaiwan Shaban gem of a Kurdish photographer comes from Iraqi Kurdistan, known for his photography. This guy is a genius in capturing moments; he makes normal things into candid with his eyes. Yes, gadgets today do help photographer to take pictures with editing and all. But very make their name in whole lot with its uniqueness and Kaiwan is blessed with that uniqueness and eye which see the world with a beautiful angle. He makes scrap looks stunner with his photography.

Kaiwan started taking pictures when he was 13. As we say, some things come naturally, and Kaiwan has that vision which very few has in the world, and the proof is his photography.

Kaiwan doesn't need a studio for taking pictures for his streets, and open places are his studio. He feels natural colours and lights are the best editing anyone can have to take pictures. You have to be creative and see things colours near you to make them picture-perfect.

Kaiwan showed his talent when he was 13 when he captured the landscape beauty of Kurdistan.

In 2015 he started his YouTube channel "K1 Production". Currently, he is having more than 223,249 subscribers with a total of 11 million views.

Kaiwan is also famous for his tutorials on Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. He is now the owner of K1 Production. So many people around the globe are learning from his tutorials, and now he is the only man who is known for his photography and his tutorials.

Today kaiwan not only known for his candid photography, but he also started his new venture of videography and film making. He is travelling to places to take pictures, videos and content for his K1 Production.

Kaiwan is known for his unique style of capturing the stunning images in landscape, portrait and digital art.

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