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Kejriwal claims that AAP’s vote share has witnessed 4% increase in Gujarat

On Thursday Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal gave a statement saying that AAP’s support has increased in Gujarat after CBI conducted a raid on Manish Sisodia in the ‘fake’ liquor case. While delivering his speech at the assembly ahead of the trust vote which AAP had won along with 59 MLAs present at the house, Kejriwal said that there has already been a 4% increase in the vote share, now if Sisodia gets arrested then the increase will be 6% and if he gets arrested twice then AAP will most likely be able to have a government in Gujurat. 


Kejriwal further added, “CBI officials failed to find anything from Manish Sisodia, they neither found anything from his residence nor from his village or bank locker. They have now understood that there is no case, however, they are under pressure and they did tell us that they will have to arrest Sisodia once. Sisodia has told them that he will go to CBI whenever they want to arrest him. So this is assured that Sisodia will be arrested. But the whole nation is watching us getting certificates from PM Modi again and again. That is because an arrest is part of politics which will keep going on.” 


Commenting on the ongoing debates on television, Kejriwal added, “These debates going on about schools on television are disheartening. They are questioning why have I made so many schools, why these schools have multiple washroom facilities and why are there so many classrooms. Tell me, what's our fault in all of this? You send your children to school in another nation. However, my motive is to ensure that underprivileged children in this country receive a high-quality education." Referring to his two IIT-educated children, Kejriwal stated that he wants to provide everyone in the country with the education that he and his children acquired.


"The purpose of today's trust vote is to demonstrate that the BJP cannot purchase everything. They are buying state legislators in every state. They started in Maharashtra and then moved on to Jharkhand. They were willing to pay Rs 800 crore for our 40 MLAs but were unable to purchase even one of them,” Kejriwal stated. 


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