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Kerala Man's ‘Extra Sensory’ Powers Predict Quake This Year-End

NEW DELHI: It put the authorities in the neighboring Pakistan on alert mode after a letter sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from a Kerala-based physicist Babu Kalayil, predicted a massive earthquake resulting in Tsunami this year-end. 
Babu Kalayil, in his letter, has backed his predictions on the grounds of ‘extra-sensory’ perceptions and ‘sixth-sense' and claimed that the earthquake will strike the Indian Ocean by December 31, 2017. The self-acclaimed forecaster has also warned China, Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. The letter predicts the possibility of ‘Seeshma’, a storm which will affect about 120 kms to 180 kms with devastating impact. Initially, the letter floated in social media and gained little attention by news portals as they reported the forecast by  Kalayil, but soon after Pakistan’s The Express Tribune published the letter on its website claiming that the top authorities in Pakistan have started taking precautionary measures to deal with any such natural calamity, the 'extra-sensory' predictions of Tsunami have opened a Pandora's box. 

The Tribune in Pakistan has written that ‘Pakistan’s top intelligence agency has purportedly warned the Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA), the body responsible for disaster management, of a massive underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean later this year.’  However, the letter has not moved the Indian government to take a note of the forecast by Babu Kalayil as it lacks less scientific evidences and proofs. No one can predict the exact time of a possible earthquake to occur in any part of the world. Many top-notch scientific organizations are still struggling to find ways to forecast the exact time and date an earthquake. We tried to contact Babu Kalayil on the phone numbers available on the letter, but he didn’t respond. 
Well-known science journalist Pallava Bagla speaking to The India Saga said, “Babu Kalayil lacks credibility and evidence to prove his claims and so called forecast. For any predictions about the earthquake in any part of the world, scientists consider the geographical locations and other major factors too. In this case, he (Kalayil) has not presented any scientific evidences in the support of his claim. I cannot say that what could be the motive of a person to issue such a letter to the Indian PM. The letter pad has no credibility.” However, Pakistani authority has said, “we should not ignore such information and should prepare because there is a threat of an undersea earthquake in this area and there have been tremors here in the past as well.” 

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