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KHULOUD ALSAWA; The woman entrepreneur setting a bar by defining the spirit of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea. It calls for a lot of hard work, dedication and considerably her ‘never give up’ perspective. One of the inspiring women who substantiated that one cannot be an entrepreneur overnight.

Khuloud Alsawa is a 42-year-old entrepreneur from Syria currently residing in London. She is a true epitome of determination and an ambitious woman with a desire for achieving enormous. Her work defines her best, the inherent skills and strategies regarding the entrepreneurial sphere made her a dynamic personality bearing her own essence of creativeness. Nonetheless, she is 42, her voyage of attainment is not overnight her hard chore and passionate attitude lead her on the unceasing path of accomplishment. Now, after attaining years of experience in her chore she is all set to elevate her work at the prime stage. She believes that if one is an entrepreneur then he/she should focus on his long term objectives and try to make the best out of worst.

Her optimistic philosophy and business perspective made her an affluent entrepreneur today. Her inspiring and motivating beliefs segregate her from the populace, thus she is setting a perfect instance for the youngster. She is flourishing well on the foundation of her hard work and day by day heightening her work by strengthening her entrepreneurial skills.

For her ideology of work hard and leave no stone unturned we cherish her conceptions and wish her good luck for her destiny

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