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Kids Photographer Saurabh Panjwani says, my day begins at 4 AM and ends at 8:30 pm

Photographers sort chaos and bring details to the attention which people forget to notice in their daily lives.  It has been my routine since class 10th to wake up at 4 AM. I keep my schedule intact irrespective of any day/ festival unless I'm traveling. I feel that the key to achieving goals efficiently in any profession is a discipline in timing and dedication. One must see the sunrise and don't sleep during the day

My outdoor shoot timing is fixed morning 5:45 AM. We start our shoot and make sure the client reaches on location on time by this we don't miss the soft light.

The shoot has to be completed before the light becomes harsh. If not, it will affect the picture quality. The early morning vibe gives a fresh start, the travel becomes easy, no distraction, the chirping of birds all these small things make a lot of difference in your work quality.

Meeting new people and capturing emotions in a standstill is a force that motivated me to follow photography as a passion and then turning it into a profession. Life of a photographer is always seen as a never-ending fun, excitement, lights, camera, pose, and clicks but it is not the same all the time. The precision in timing, lighting, and clicks keeps us on a tight schedule. 

To maintain it, ensure to have good quality sleep of a minimum of 8 hours so that body functions efficiently rest of the day. Netflix and chill, all night kills your productivity throughout the day. Prioritize your sleep and your watching hours according to your work schedule. A message to everyone: Try to sleep early and wake early unless you are in a night shift job.

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