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Kisan Morcha blames the chaos on Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee

New Delhi: After the commotion on Red Fort on the afternoon of January 26, Delhi Police reacted with saying that no rioter will be spared and strict actions will be taken against everyone. In response to the same, Farmers Morcha blamed the Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee for all the chaos. They said, “a dirty conspiracy... hatched with the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee and others was the cause of diversion.”

Two protestor groups, BKU (Bhanu) and Rashtriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan stepped back from the borders of Delhi. Krantikari Kisan Union leader Darshan Pal, being the representative at the press conference held on Wednesday, said: “We have canceled our plan for a march to Parliament on Budget day on February 1. But our agitation will continue and there will be public meetings and hunger strikes across the country on January 30.”

The farmer unions denied taking any responsibility of the unfurling of Nishan Sahib, the religious flag of Sikhs on the Red Fort during the protests. They said that it was done under the influence of the actor-activist Deep Sidhu who is alleged as an ‘agent’ of the government. Sarvan Singh Pandher, general secretary of Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, too said: “We never gave any call to occupy Red Fort or ITO. It was the actor’s call to which several people responded. We condemn the actions of all those who indulged in rioting and violence. I have respect for farmer leaders in the Morcha and will not give in to the government’s plan of dividing us.”

The Unions expressed ‘unconditional apologies’ to anyone harmed during the rallies. According to BKU  president Balbir Singh Rajewal, Ninety percent of farmers had carried out the march peacefully. But the cadre of the Kisan Sangharsh Mazdoor Committee was purposefully placed in the front. They intentionally took a separate route and there was hardly any resistance to stop them.

Despite all the mayhem caused and over 400 people losing their lives, the unions have rebuffed to stop the protests anytime soon. They agreed on canceling the march up to the Parliament on February 1, but are going to observe hunger strikes all over the country.

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