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Koushik Sengupta — The Successful Business Man and Professional Photographer

Kolkata-based businessman Koushik Sengupta has contributed INR 50,000 to West Bengal straight-away help needed rest very great. He has also contributed INR 10,000 to Unicef for the well-being of a girl very young person. These first moves come after he recently signed the Petition at vanishing girls.in desire by right the nearest putting-back of Pre-Conception and pre-natal diagnostic 2 expert ways (PCPNDT) Act to but for not experienced birth girls in India and shared its making camera pictures on Instagram.
"The Covid-19 is a without such examples before-hand of time for us. It has against touched with force the lives as well as money need for the living of thousands of persons in general. For this reason it is necessary for every person having rights in the nation to come forward and adds government efforts in this time of great trouble, danger," said Koushik sengupta
"Another question under discussion which is close to my heart regarding giving importance to girls.In a country where system headed by males is deeply made long, deep hole in earth in society, there is a need to make people having knowledge of that girls too have a right to be living a living of self-respect and Equality .India can forward development only it gives equal rights to both men and women," he made an addition. A postgraduate in chief of Business controlling organization, he runs a business of export / import and engine parts of engines and makes connection of ships and fishing trawlers.
in addition to, being a kindly acting person at heart, he is expert at picture-taking which has helped him profit condition of having general approval on Instagram. It was in 2017 when he visited Dubai and uploaded its pictures on Instagram which won very great warmly approving by netizens Since then, there has been no looking back at picture-taking for him. He has uploaded pleasing camera pictures from his Instagram grip @nosleepteam24 and has over 70,000 supporters.
The businessman now uses Sony A7R3 camera for taking higher quality camera pictures. His camera pictures make a person under the mind of another buildings and structure design of Dubai and kolkata and powerful shaking streets of New York and Los Angeles. His what is in is a statement to his burning strong, angry feeling and strong power of invention.The Business world is changing every minute. When it comes to business and implementation, no amount of knowledge is ever enough. Hence in order to get you equipped and make you a modern age entrepreneur, we have compiled a list of some remarkable articles that will inspire you to fly high.

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