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Kovid Mittal - three long years to materialize one idea finally getting all the spotlight

6387 meters black peak documentary wins best travel documentary film, under "Canadian cinematography awards "and gets a direct entry to golden eagle qualifier awards.

The production house of black peak film has already started shooting the second sequel to the documentary which is likely to take place at mount Satopanth.

Kovid Mittal has received a lot of accolades through this film and was noted saying they were supposed to shoot this expedition film in 2017 which was named " Everest" but it did not materialize due to all three financers of film had creative differences. I had even posted the poster of that film on my social media pages, but it was a major setback when the plans to film the documentary was dropped.

For a newcomer like me, opportunities in start can make or break our spirit. Hopefully we can pull this sequel without any glitches this time.

Lovely productions and Sanjeev Kumar who have funded the film said, their intention to come up with this idea is to educate people across globe about mountaineering and expeditions. Our plans to film this got cancelled in 2017 due to creative faults and expenses not being met, but we are taking one step at a time this season. Our first part "6387 meters black peak" is very well being appreciated and we shall do our Maths before we begin the second sequel and improvise our marketing strategies ensuring we reach global audience and investments are recovered. We are still are on lookout for global distributors and so far everything seems to be on track.

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