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Kremlin calls it "profoundly immoral" as Vladimir Putin was excluded from the Queen Elizabeth's burial

According to Kremlin sources, Russia has criticized the decision to not invite any Russian officials to Queen Elizabeth's funeral as being "profoundly immoral." Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the foreign ministry at the Kremlin, stated that despite the slight, Russia was still sending its sympathies to the British people. 'The British Foreign Office informed the Russian embassy in London of its intention to refrain from inviting Russia, including senior diplomatic employees, to join mourning services following the death of Queen Elizabeth II,' Ms. Zakharova stated in a statement provided to the Tass news agency.


We feel that the UK's attempt to use a national tragedy that affected millions of people worldwide to settle scores with us during the days of sorrow is highly immoral, she continued. The decision to prevent Russians from attending the funeral, according to Ms. Zakharova, was "especially cynical" in light of the Queen's involvement in the Second World War. The Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich, she claimed, were fought by the British forces.


Elites in Britain are suddenly on their side. Moscow does, however, still pay tribute to each and every warrior who helped bring about the Victory. The unifying image of Queen Elizabeth II, who during her reign has avoided meddling in politics out of principle, has not proven to be a barrier to London's dissenting attacks, which are subject to achieving their own speculative goals. For our part, we offer the British people our sincere condolences for the tragic loss they have experienced. Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine, will attend the funeral on Monday, according to The Sun.


However, given the violations of Uyghurs' human rights in the westernmost province of Xinjiang, the administration has come under fire for requesting the Chinese government to send a delegation to the funeral. Tim Loughton, a Tory lawmaker, told the BBC last night that official Chinese government personnel 'cannot possibly’ be present at such a significant event in Britain. The Chinese ambassador to the UK has been prohibited from entering Parliament after Beijing penalized seven British lawmakers for their views on China last year.


It is unclear if President Xi Jinping, who is presently in Uzbekistan for a conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, will attend Monday's official funeral. According to media sources, Wang Qishan, the vice president of China, might go. The invitation list for the burial did not include those from Russia, Belarus, or Myanmar.

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